Registries – The Real and The Fake

One of the ways that buyers are mislead by those selling Blue Merle Pembroke Welsh Corgis is by the statement that they are “registered”.

Registration comes in two forms.   There are the real registries which maintain stud books which are recognized world-wide.  When a purchaser buys a dog for example, in Canada, and it is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, it can also be registered with the American Kennel Club, Japan Kennel Club, Netherlands Kennel Club or anywhere else in the world.

A dog registered with one of the real registries can also be shown in all conformation shows, and performance events anywhere in the world.

Here is a listing of different registries around the world.

Real Dog Registries that maintain recognized stud books


American Kennel Club


Canadian Kennel Club

 thekennelclub logo

 The Kennel Club (U.K.)


 Listing of Kennel Club Members of the Federation Cynologique International

 Scam Dog Registries

These registries are basically “send us your money and we will give you a piece of paper saying your dog is registered” frauds.

If the dog you are purchasing is registered with any of these fake registries, the registration is worth no more than the paper it is written on.  Your dog will not be able to participate in any events requiring formal registration.   Any puppies produced by your dog will not be registerable anywhere but with the scam registry.


This is an organization set up by the Blue Pembroke breeders themselves and is not associated in any way with an Official Breed Registry
 worldwide kennel club  World Wide Kennel Club – registers any dog for between $30-$50  National Dog Registry  National Dog Registry – Registers dogs for $18
 American Pet Registry Inc. American Pet Registry Inc, registers any dog for $50  Canine Registry  This one is so new that they are still building their website!
National Hybrid registry National Hybrid Registry – creates a registration for your crossbred North American Purebred Registry logo North American Purebred Registry – registers any dog for $12
 dog registry of america logo  Dog Registry of America Inc – Registers any dog for $27
Conkc logo One of the worst offenders, not only do they scam the public with fake registrations but they also utiiize the acronym CKC which confuses them with the very legitimate Canadian Kennel Club, and continue to do so despite legal battles with the Canadian Kennel Club which order them to desist

What about UKC?

UKC Logo

UKC is a hybrid based in Michigan that requires the owner to submit the formal registration papers of a dog in order to register the dog within their systems.   So the dogs become “dual registered”.  Any AKC or CKC  dog can be registered UKC, however its not possible to go the other way.   If a dog is registered UKC, it does not necessarily follow that the progeny can be registered with AKC or CKC.

They have a wide variety of events including conformation, obedience, agility and they do not allow professional handlers to compete in their events, so they are becoming a more popular venue for  owner-handlers who are disgruntled with showing in AKC and CKC events.